Finding the right look.

Now I have been sat here all afternoon, making a twitter for my blog and even thinking of a YouTube channel and things are starting to take shape. However, I am not happy with the look of my blog. Being German I like things to be organised and efficient and easy to find. I don’t want anyone to have to search forever until they have found the right post or topic, because this blog is not just about losing weight, it’s going to be a Blog about me and the stuff i like to do etc..

I want it to look nice too, but I have to confess I can’t really find my way around this site yet, how to create different categories and looks etc. . This is something that really annoys me, because normally I figure these kind of things out pretty quickly. So I think I will spend the rest of my evening on YouTube watching tutorials lol Maybe I am getting old and that’s why I am struggling to do this? Hmmmm… Old, no I am not getting old, I refuse to, no, no, no! By tomorrow I will have a totally new and organised look for this Blog even if it takes all night.

PS.: Is it just me who finds it funny how the spell-checker on a blogging site tells me the word Blog is incorrect? Lol


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