Here I go…..Again!

Ok, so after starting my full time job in November and getting the ball rolling on sorting out various health issues that make my life difficult ( I have pernicious anaemia and am deficient in about every other vitamin and mineral my body needs), I have finally worked out a plan on how to get exercise and healthy eating squeezed into my 60 hour week. I have talked to my kids and told them that starting next month I will try and get a work out in before I go to work or after work, which will mean that I am home even less for five days a week, but I feel I really need to do this for myself and for my family.

I am tired of being unhappy with myself all the time, tired of looking back at pictures from years before and feeling ashamed of how I have let myself go over the last five years. Yes, I have had a lot on my plate with University, finding work afterwards, finally getting a diagnose of PA and then trying to get better (there were times where I couldn’t walk outside, because I would get the feeling that I am going to fall, due to my nervous system being so damaged), but enough is enough now. I am almost 40 (in November) and I need to get behind this NOW.

I weighed myself on Monday and the scales showed a shocking 124.5kg/274.5lbs!!! My back hurts, my knees are killing me and I just see a fat ugly blob when I look in the mirror. I have not just decided to get back to where I was, I want to get even better, better than I ever been before, simply just the best I can be when it comes to health and looks.

While I was writing this I received a text message regarding my referral to the orthopaedic surgeon, so hopefully my shoulders and harms are going to be fixed soon so I can work out properly again without being in constant pain. Yay!

Anyway, what’s my action plan? Like I have already mentioned before I will work out in some shape or form every day for half an hour and since Monday I have been avoiding carbs to a certain extent. No bread, no pasta, no rice! I love carbs, but I can already feel the difference in my guts and stomach, you simply don’t feel sluggish anymore. When I fancied something sweet ( I have a terrible sweet tooth) I had an Atkins bar and when I did fancy something bread like I had Ryvita. Other than that it was pretty much lean proteins and fruit and veg.

I am keeping this pretty hush, hush at the moment because I really don’t want anyone to know and I really don’t want anyway to watch me fall off the wagon either, which I am sure I will do plenty of times lol. So I really just have you guys out there to talk and moan to (and the kids of course) when needs be lol so follow me and say “Hi” and I will follow you back.


42.3?! OOOppppsss that’s a lot …


2 thoughts on “Here I go…..Again!

  1. Wishing you all the best. I have ongoing weight issues too, which exacerbate problems caused by skeletal deformities. I have begun trying the 5:2 diet and am finding it works for me, though probably not great for someone with PA (I sympathise with that too – my grandad had it and it was quite debilitating). Anyway, all the best and tonnes of support from those of us out here in the Blogasphere with similar issues 🙂


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