Working through my stash…

…and believe me it’s quite a big one!
The trouble is to decide what to finish first, so I have decided to approach this logically, which is so not like me, else I wouldn’t have the amount of yarn u do have.
Do you ever get this, you sort through it and look at some of the things you have bought and think: “what was I thinking?”
I had several moments like that today and I am now stuck with a pile of yarn that I have no ideas for. They will most likely end up being shoved into a plastic bag and kept for “later”.

As for my first stash busting project I have finally decided to continue this blanket that I have started… wait for it… Two years ago… for my youngest son(11). He is still using the blanket I have made him as a baby and I figured it was time for something a bit more grown up.


I had about 12 balls of Rico Basic Acrylic chunky to get through and now I am down to five and a half. It works up quite fast, but the rows do seem endless at times especially with the single crochet rows. I am hoping that I will have this done soon as my darling daughter now wants a new blanket too and they are both meant to be for Christmas. However, my daughter is being a typical 16 year old and would like a black and white one, which of course I don’t have lol.
So, must do more stash busting before I can do that.

Anyone got any ideas what to do with a bunch of acrylic dk yarn in rather yucky colours? :-/


2 thoughts on “Working through my stash…

  1. Too bad you can’t dye acrylic yarn…but you can put it with something bright. I made a hat last year using two strands of yarn at the same time. I had a bright purple and a dark gray, together they complimented eachother.


    • I am working all the gray into the blanket as my son’s room is red and gray. All the other hideous colour will make another blanket I guess. If I don’t like it once done I can always donate it to the animal shelter 🙂


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