Scared to sweat?!

I am writing this while sat on some piece of gym equipment, in my breaks during sets. Yes, talk about using my time efficiently! Well, I am german after all.

Anway, as I am sat here, absolutely soaking wet from my 30 minutes on the elliptical, I am looking around at other people here, mainly ladies. Hardly any of them are sweating. They are just leisurely doing their time on the cardio equipment, just fast enough that their heart rate speeds up a bit, but no heavy breathing going on etc..Hmmm, why? It almost looks like they are avoiding breaking out in a sweat.

Don’t get me wrong, at first I was really embarrassed that I sweat so much h during cardio, but in the end I thought:

“That’s why I am here!”.

Lol, now I got so into writing that someone pinched the machine I wanted to go on next.

But, yeah anyway, what’s all this about? Do any of you guys get embarrassed because of excessive sweating?

I managed to control this a little now by buying microfibre sweat towels, they pretty much soak everything up so I don’t end up looking like this most of the time 🙂


Not too Sexy, but I kind of am proud. It shows I work out hard.


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