Tour de fleece 2015 Day 6-9

Yesterday was my last day at work, so now I have two days off, yay! Finally time to catch up with spinning.

For the Tour de fleece I don’t really have a particular goal, just to spin more often. It’s a bit like my new fitness lifestyle. A little is more than I did before I started, which was nothing.

So, I have this lovely fibre from Countessablaze called Geeks like rainbows too. Note, this is the custom blend version, the hand dyed version will be next on my list once pocket money allows it. It’s beautiful 😍! Carded so well, it spins so easily, with next to none tangles or nibs.

As the many bright and sparkling colours are quite well blended, I am fining it a bit of a challenge not to spin it all into some greeny browny mash up. But with a little bit of separation and predrafting it’s turning out quite pretty.


I really like the little pops of colour that come out-of it and can’t wait until I can ply it. This will hopefully be next weekend as I have just started on the second bobbin.

It’s turned out quite thin, so I initially thought about navajo plying this, but I don’t want to lose the yardage so it will end up being a standard 2-ply.

As to what I will turn this lovely yarn into… No idea yet, so any suggestions will be welcome.


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