Tour de fleece 2015 Day 15 and a little competition!

Wow, I have to say that I am very impressed with this yarn or with how much my skills have improved. I managed to get 662m out of 100g!


I love how the colours have turned out in the end. Quite subtle with the odd bright pop now and then.

And because the fibre was prepped so well by the amazing Countess Ablaze,
it made the yarn nice and squishy when spinning long draw. 

Long draw is most definitely my new favourite way of spinning. It’s so much faster and the wool is so much softer.


I can’t wait to knit this up, but I have no idea into what! It should definitely be a scarf, something lacey, but not too difficult.

Let’s turn this into a little competition!
Leave a pattern suggestion in the comments below, follow my blog, and whoever suggests the pattern I will knit with this yarn wins a little crafty surprise.

Feel free to share this post so your friends have the chance to win too. If two people or more suggest the same pattern, the first person who suggested it wins.
If you want to share on Instagram or Twitter , I am monarenton on there.
On Facebook look for Moni Makes, I will post this competition on there as well.


11 thoughts on “Tour de fleece 2015 Day 15 and a little competition!

    • Hallo Gaby habe deinen Kommentar jetzt erst gesehen, sorry! Danke für das tolle Muster! So wie das aussieht kann ich das so lange stricken bis die wolle alle ist :-).
      Ich werde das Muster am Ende des Monats aussuchen. Danke für deine Teilnahme 🙂


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