Finally, bye bye plateau!

Yesterday I, very reluctantly, weighed myself, because for the last month I have weighed the same and I was getting a bit impatient and frustrated.

To my surprise the scales told me I had lost 2 lbs! I think I stepped on those scales ten times or more to check, but nope, they stayed at 121.5 kg! But still, with all the ups and downs I had recently, I didn’t believe it. So I weighed myself again this morning and yes, it still was the same!

I know I said that I didn’t want to focus on weight too much initially, but after two months you kind of want to see some results after your initial weight drop. I think it’s more for affirmation that I am working out right and that I am on the right track to achieve the results I have in mind.

So, what did I do to get overtime plateau? Not a lot to be honest. I stuck to working out at least three times a week and I reduced my salt intake in order to get rid of all the water I seemed to be retaining. Oh yes, and I had a couple of really good cries lol. Thanks to my darling boyfriend at this stage, for putting up with my general grumpiness in the last week.

Also, there might be quite a change in my life soon and it would be nice if I felt nice and healthy when starting that adventure. I’ll tell you more about that soon.

So yes, overall it’s been a good week and at the moment life could not be better.


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