Time off work, time for knitting.

As I still have a few days off, I am trying to catch up on my knitting and to get some order into my never ending stash.

I am very happy that I have finally managed to finish this lovely cardigan, which I started back in October 2013 and never got round to finishing it, because there was a bit of counting and memorising a pattern involved. I am not too keen on complicated patterns that require a lot of counting rows and stitches, because I have a terrible short term memory due to my pernicious anaemia. However, I do like the end results so I generally have something on the go that will take me forever, as you can see. I try and break it up with easy patterns like socks and scarves etc..

Anyway, back to the actual cardigan. The pattern is The extra spicy mustard cardigan by Sweater Babe and the yarn I have used is Drops Nepal in red.


I love the lace panels and the combination with the cables, despite my inability to remember the 13 row pattern repeat.


The gathering at the back, which is achieved by the cable panel gives the cardigan a great shape so it doesn’t just hang straight down. I think it’s a great cardigan for women with curves, but I really do recommend to knit a couple more pattern repeats at the bottom if you are knitting it in a larger size, because it would have been a little on the short side otherwise.

Because I would not really wear the cardigan open, I did not bother with the recommended magnetic fasteners at the top. I just stitched the buttons through both front panels and pull it over my head. If you don’t like that idea, I really would recommend adding button holes on one side as these are not part of this pattern. 

Overall, I really did enjoy knitting this cardigan and using the Drops Nepal Aran Yarn. The yarn doesn’t split while knitting and it washes well. The pattern was written well so it was simple to follow. I have already picked my next knit from Sweater Babe.


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