Fed up, annoyed and generally meh!

Just need to rant a little I guess. I have been doing so well with the whole gym and weight loss thing and for the last two weeks I have not been feeling too great, couldn’t really put my finger on it for a week, but then it was quite obvious that I had an ear infection.

I went to the gym a couple of times, but didn’t really do much as I felt sick all the time I was on the elliptical.
Then by last week Sunday it got quite painful, but as me, my son and my boyfriend were due to drive to Edinburgh last Monday, to see my favourite band, I put it off to go to the doctors. Well, it’s niw Friday and you know what it’s like, you get busy and put things off for even longer, until today.

Finally went to the doctors, who took a look into both ears and just shook her head. Both sides are very red and inflamed, so no gym for another week and a load of amoxicillin.

So frustrated right now, because I should have gone when I first noticed it. Now by the time I get back to the gym, it will be very hard work to get back into it.

Lol sorry, I know I sound like a little kid who just dropped their ice cream… I am going to go and sulk with my knitting I think.


What’s on my wheel Wednesday #2

After a lot of pondering I have finally decided to spin the BFL (Blue faced Leicester) I bought from Wheeldale Woolcrafts at the British Wool Show a few weeks back.


It’s the one at the bottom of the picture and it’s nice to spin because of the changes of colour. However it does have a few dense patches in it, but that’s most likely down to me letting too much twist in and then holding onto it for dear life.


I am definitely going to Navajo ply this single, despite me not liking that way of plying too much, simply because you lose too much yardage. I guess I will have to combine it with a different colour if I actually end up knitting it into something. I do have a faint idea of what I might use it for, but I will have to think it through a little more.

I should have this one finished by the time I aback at work on Sunday.  *sad face*

You know you’re a knitter when…

– You see a knitted item that you like on TV and immediately pause the show and see if you can figure out how to make your own

– You can find a ball of yarn in almost every drawer in your house

– You have more knitting needles than cutlery at home

– You choose your handbags by checking how big of a knitting project it could carry (as well as your on the go basics like tape measure, yarn cutter, stitch markers etc.)

– You know that UFOs do exist and you are not scared to admit you have quite a few hidden around your house

– Your yarn stash could easily clothe a small country

– The first thing you do when planning a holiday is to check the location of yarn stores

– You have developed the skill of “watching” an entire film and enjoying it, without actually looking at the TV for longer than a few seconds at the time

– You look at knitted items in shops nd think “Nah, I can knit that myself, and better.”

– Everyone of your friends and family have nice warm socks, hats, scarves etc. in winter, except yourself.

–  You are even happier about a friend or family member having a baby, because it means you get to knit tiny cute things

– Having to wait at the doctors or for a bus for ages is absolutely fantastic, because you can just sit and knit

Yes, I definitely am a knitter. Feel free to add some more in the comments and don’t forget to share 🙂

What’s on my wheel Wednesday

This is a little section I have come up with just to keep track on my spinning and to see any possible improvement in my spinning. Ok, and to show my still somewhat clumsy creations off to you lovely peeps.

Right, so what is on my wheel today? Well for the first time in about six months I can honestly say, nothing what so ever! Today I finished my merino silk blend for the Tubuĺarity scarf and that turned out quite nicely.


Sorry for the rubbish picture. It was one of those quick snaps. Anyway, 179g of squishiness (now did I spell that right?). I have not counted the yardage yet and I am not too sure if I will. But it’s a fair bit and should be more than enough to finish the scarf and make a tiny something from the left overs.

Now the question us, what to spin next? I have nine days off after today.

The British Wool Weekend and the world’s best boyfriend

Sorry if this is two weeks late, but as you all know, life has a habit of happening while you make other plans.

So, it turns out that my boyfriend is actually the most awesome boyfriend EVER!

At the moment we are having a long distance relationship. He lives about two hours drive from me, so he comes to see me every Friday after work and generally stays until Monday morning and then he gets up at 5am to drive to work.

Three weeks ago I found out that the British Wool Weekend in York was happening and I did really want to go, but it was almost a two hour drive from my house and I didn’t have the cash to get on the train. I didn’t want to ask my boyfriend really, because he already does so much driving to come and see me and the kids, that I thought it would be quite cheeky to ask.

So I just sent him the link to the website and telling him that I’d love to go to something like this some time and he straight away said he would take me on Saturday! I asked him several times if he was sure and told him that it would be really boring for him, but he stuck by what he said and took me there.


We got there around 1pm and,  due to me being pretty low on funds, I set myself a budget of £20 to spend on fibre. I didn’t want to buy any wool, as I have several drawers full of it and I am trying to get rid of it all and then hopefully manage to just buy for individual projects. Ok, ok, you can stop laughing now. I will at least try not to be such a yarn hoarder anymore. Anyway, with all the yarn I have, I think I won’t be facing this issue for at least a couple of years.

Ok, let’s have a look at what I have come back with…


First of all, this lovely, super soft and squishy Polwarth from Skybluepink-designs ,  200g for £9.
Check out her website, she sells all sorts of crafty things, from fibre over buttons to handspun yarns and knitting needles.

Then I picked up some cute little buttons 6 for £1.20.


I got these from ButtonsIncUK.  They will be for the Tubuĺarity Shawl which I am currently knitting from all my handspun yarn. More on that in a different post.

And finally, I bought these two beauties!


These are from Wheeldale Woolcrafts .  I just love purple and these shades I can imagine will look lovely spun to a fingering weight finished with basic ply.
The multicoloured blue faced Leicester will be spun really thin and then Navajo ply it so I hopefully end up with stripes.

Right, that was pretty much all I bought that day. I had a lovely time walking through York on the way back and parking at the scariest multi-storey car park! No word of a lie, it had the steepest, most narrow ramp I have ever seen and had to be used on the way in and out. So, if two cars meet in the middle one would have to reverse. Luckily nobody came up as we went down, but still, I was not a happy bunny


It’s not been a great couple of weeks for me in terms of weightloss or fitness.
Not been feeling too well due to “girlie problems” (Yes, that’s what I called it at work when I called in sick lol. Funnily enough, my manager didnt ask for more information hehe).
I have been so hormonal over the last few weeks, constantly craving carbs of the bad, the very bad kind, and constantly either angry or close to tears.
At least I have “only” put 2 lbs back on, because I did try to at least making it to the gym three times a week for a little cardio. It is a little miracle that I have not put on more. For example, my breakfast yesterday
morning consisted of one croissant and a cinnamon bun, which both were washed down with fat coke!

I seriously need to get a grip of things again. Will start with a massive gym session this evening and will have to try and wean myself off all that sugar again :-(…  Bad times in Moni world.

14 lbs lost and back to work tomorrow!

Ok, today is the last day of my 13 days off. I had so many things planned, but as always didn’t get a lot of them done. However, I did spend a lovely week with my boyfriend, which is so rare as he still lives two hours drive away and we don’t often get time off together. I was a little worried about how we will get on over such a long period, especially with the kids being off school, but we both had a great time together and it only strengthened our wish to move in together at the end of the year.

The good thing is, when he is about I go to the gym with more of a smile on my face as it is nice to have someone there who pushes you a little.
Well, all the gym going and healthy eating has paid off and I have finally lost my first 14lbs. I am so happy about it, I could grin in circles if I didn’t have ears. I am expecting to put a pound or two back on on my next weigh in, because this weekend has been a naughty one, with dominos pizza and sweets. Oh well, gym tomorrow will help control the damage.

Going back to work will be a struggle, because I always get bored when I am there and tend to eat a lot more than when I am home. On Monday I will buy lots of raw veg and fruit that I can take in and eat instead of chocolate. Fingers crossed  that I will be able to resist the lattes and biccies.

Might make a little tzatziki to take in with me to dip my vegetables in. If made it with low fat yoghurt I will be able to munch it without feeling guilty.

I am still on the lookout for a nice coleslaw recipe that is low cal. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share your snacks and recipes for your work nibbles and lunches.