It’s not been a great couple of weeks for me in terms of weightloss or fitness.
Not been feeling too well due to “girlie problems” (Yes, that’s what I called it at work when I called in sick lol. Funnily enough, my manager didnt ask for more information hehe).
I have been so hormonal over the last few weeks, constantly craving carbs of the bad, the very bad kind, and constantly either angry or close to tears.
At least I have “only” put 2 lbs back on, because I did try to at least making it to the gym three times a week for a little cardio. It is a little miracle that I have not put on more. For example, my breakfast yesterday
morning consisted of one croissant and a cinnamon bun, which both were washed down with fat coke!

I seriously need to get a grip of things again. Will start with a massive gym session this evening and will have to try and wean myself off all that sugar again :-(…  Bad times in Moni world.


9 thoughts on “Slackerrrrrr!

  1. I’m trying to be more consistent with the gym and staying on top of nutrition right now and I’ve learned not to get too hung up on scale numbers. Women fluctuate a lot because we have to deal with our cycles (I’m five lbs heavier around that time) and muscle weighs more than fat. So I’m relying more on measurements and I make sure to measure twice a month at the exact same time of my cycle. Hang in there, you’ve got this!


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