What’s on my wheel Wednesday #2

After a lot of pondering I have finally decided to spin the BFL (Blue faced Leicester) I bought from Wheeldale Woolcrafts at the British Wool Show a few weeks back.


It’s the one at the bottom of the picture and it’s nice to spin because of the changes of colour. However it does have a few dense patches in it, but that’s most likely down to me letting too much twist in and then holding onto it for dear life.


I am definitely going to Navajo ply this single, despite me not liking that way of plying too much, simply because you lose too much yardage. I guess I will have to combine it with a different colour if I actually end up knitting it into something. I do have a faint idea of what I might use it for, but I will have to think it through a little more.

I should have this one finished by the time I aback at work on Sunday.  *sad face*


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