Fed up, annoyed and generally meh!

Just need to rant a little I guess. I have been doing so well with the whole gym and weight loss thing and for the last two weeks I have not been feeling too great, couldn’t really put my finger on it for a week, but then it was quite obvious that I had an ear infection.

I went to the gym a couple of times, but didn’t really do much as I felt sick all the time I was on the elliptical.
Then by last week Sunday it got quite painful, but as me, my son and my boyfriend were due to drive to Edinburgh last Monday, to see my favourite band, I put it off to go to the doctors. Well, it’s niw Friday and you know what it’s like, you get busy and put things off for even longer, until today.

Finally went to the doctors, who took a look into both ears and just shook her head. Both sides are very red and inflamed, so no gym for another week and a load of amoxicillin.

So frustrated right now, because I should have gone when I first noticed it. Now by the time I get back to the gym, it will be very hard work to get back into it.

Lol sorry, I know I sound like a little kid who just dropped their ice cream… I am going to go and sulk with my knitting I think.


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