And the winner is……?!

Good morning everyone!

I am back at work, so that means I will be writing most if my posts on the go, so please bear with me if they don’t appear as frequently as last month.

I finally have looked through all the patterns that were suggested for my handspun yarn.


And after lots of consideration I have chosen…………drum roll please…

The midwest-moonlight scarf on ravelry

This pattern was suggested by Gaby Mayer, Congratulations! Please get in touch so I can send you your crafty surprise.

So, why did I chose Gaby’s suggestion?

I loved the simplicity of the pattern and the solid squares in it that will show off the colour nicely. As I mainly knit on the go, patterns need to be easy to remember, because I do have a lousy memory due to my pernicious anaemia.

I am very excited to start this project once I have finished my Tubuĺarity Scarft. Hahaha for a change I will be very warm this winter with all those scarves.

Thanks again everyone for taking part. Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways which will be coming up in the next couple of months.

Ps: if you are wondering what Gaby won, pop back in the next few days as this prize is tailored to what craft the winner likes to do most.


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