I don’t care what’s on my wheel this Wednesday!

After reading the news and seeing the pictures of the little dead Syrian boy who was washed up on a Turkish beach today, I really don’t care about what is on my wheel.

If you have not seen the article then you can read it by clicking here,  but please be aware this is really upsetting stuff.

This poor little boy must have been so scared. How desperate must these people be to risk a terrible death themselves or of their loved ones? I am sure if his parents have made it across, they must be utterly heart broken. It must be terrible to lose a child under any circumstances, but knowing that your child died like this when all you wanted to do was get them to safety, must be terrible.

Overall, just this summer alone, 2500 people have died terrible deaths trying to get themselves and their loved ones to safety. I am saying people on purpose, because in the media and to many people they are “just” migrants or refugees, and they seem to forget the fact that these are people, people who are so terrified, that they are willing to risk paying the ultimate price in order to get to safety.

If the pictures in the media have moved you like they did me and you are wondering how you can help. Check out this article in today’s Independent .
There are several suggestions on how you can make a difference.

For all my crafty friends on here please take a look at Lily on Facebook. Lily stands for: love in the language of yarn, and the charity focuses heavily on helping Syrian refugees and orphans.

If you know of any additional ways to support these people, please feel free to share by leaving a comment.

Even the smallest gesture can have a big impact, if we all just help in whatever way we can.

If you are unable to help for whatever reason, you can help by sharing the link to the article in the Independent and the link for Lily on your social media sites.


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