What’s on my wheel Wednes…. Ermmmm Thursday AGAIN!

Oooppps, I did it again! I will have to start thinking of a catchy Thursday title so I can do this on a Thursday without looking silly.

Aaaaaaanywaaaay, on my wheel this Wednesday/Thursday is still the blue mystery fiber, just a little more of it.


I am liking how this is turning out. I am slowly getting the hang of spinning a little thicker singles.
Because I am not quite sure how much of the blue fibre I actually have, yes I know weighing it is a really good idea, I am just going to fill this bobbin, then start the other and if I fill this one too then I just ply them together. If I can’t fill another I’ll just Navajo ply it, saves messing around with trying to get the same amount on both bobbins.

Now, the Minstrel is not the only wheel I have. Recently I have bought a second hand Louet S10, but the treadle to footman connection broke on me. Oh, my, what a nightmare to find a replacement! Finally gave in and ordered one from the states.


Now that it’s all fixed I can carry on with the fleece that I got given with it.


It’s nowhere near as tidy as my other yarns, but it’s supposed to be like that, because I want to crochet something with it and then felt it.

I have never felted anything successfully. Well, not with intention anyway, hahaha. I shall not start talking about my first dying attempts or my nice knitted waistcoat that accidentally ended up in the wash and then turned hippy crop top…

So yes, keep and eye out for my felting attempts if you fancy a bit of a giggle.

If you have any hints and tricks up your sleeve how you felt your knitted or crocheted items, please please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I am off to get some food and then do some more spinning so hopefully by next Wednesday, who am I kidding, next Thursday, I have something new to show you.


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