A little catch up…

It’s been another one of those weeks and I get the feeling the weeks will stay like this until I either get a new job or I have five days off for Christmas.

My last day off,  last Friday, I wasted with yet another two fruitless job interviews, plus the nasty cold I had, so I didn’t get round to writing much.
Right now, I am on the bus home and it’s half past seven in the evening…

Now 12 hours have past, it just gone 6am, just writing this up as I go about my day, trying to keep up with regular posts.

I guess I am a bit down in the dumps about my work situation, so motivation is a little on the low side. It was also the second anniversary of my best friends death three days ago which reminds me, even more than usual, how much of a hole he left behind. I should aim to keep busy, but sometimes I find myself sat around thinking about how we planned to go to New York in the months before he died and all the fun we used to have. One day I will fulfil our dream and visit New York, but I guess a job that actually pays all my bills would be a good start to make this come true.

Oh I so wish I could make a living with knitting and spinning lol that would be ace.

Later on I will update you all on my progress on the crafty things that I have squeezed into my day, but for now it’s breakfast time 🙂


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