What’s on my wheel Wednesday!

Yes, and it’s even on a Wednesday! Regardless of the quality of this post, I think actually posting this on the correct day is an achievement in itself.

I am writing this on the way to work from the back seat of a taxi and will most likely finish the post tonight on the way home.

After finally finishing the blue mystery fiber, I was going to spin the plain Polwarth fleece I bought at the Wool Weekend, but seriously peeps, who wants to spin boring white if you can spin THIS?!


Countessablaze - an obscure family

100g of gorgeousness!


Here you can see what’s in it. Focus on the label and not the mess in the background! Yes, I am posting while I am lying in bed. It’s been a super long day.

Anyway, this stuff is gorgeous and I am planning to use it for my next blog post, as I am thinking of starting to do a few tutorials about how I do stuff.

So, I have started spinning this loveliness and for me, with something that has been blended quite a bit there are only two ways of spinning it. Go large and chunky, so all the bold colours are nicely visible or, go super lacey! You are allowed one guess which way I chose!


Superfine it is! All in one and then Navajo ply to show the colour changes and add some weight.


This stuff is just so shiny and sparkling and as always, so we’ll carded that it is a dream to work with. I’ll be buying plenty more from this gifted Indie Dyer.

Anyway, it’s almost 11pm and I have been up since 5.30. Bed time!

Have a creative week! Until next time!

Moni x


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