Another catch up!

Hey everyone!

Oh how I have missed the blogging world this week!

First of all, sorry for not being around much. This whole job hunting stuff has driven me crazy and there is another rather exciting event coming up that I have been preparing for. My boyfriend is moving in next Friday! After a year of a long distance, weekend only, relationship, we are both so looking forward to normality. I am still quite amazed that he wants to be part of our little chaos family and I have to say so far he has been doing great with putting up with my creative chaos.

Oh, by the way, plenty of time for creative chaos this week, because I have thrown my back out and sitting down for long periods is pretty much impossible, so no work until next week. So expect a flood of random posts.

I have not done a what’s on my wheel Wednesday this week, because there is not a lot of progress on that. 


This was last week and here…


Is how far I got throughout the week. Not a lot, but it serves me right for spinning so fine.

I have started a new project too. I know, I know, I still haven’t not finished the Tubuĺarity and the seacoast jumper, but I just wanted to learn something new and it kept playing on my mind, so one night I just went for it. Will show you in the next post once I have more to show.

Anyway, best get up and moving again, thus whole back lark is starting to annoy me.

Bye for now x


3 thoughts on “Another catch up!

  1. ooops…I think I just send you a greeting with nothing else…am still new at this and have had a glass of wine! Since you enjoyed my Pahoehoe Socks, I came to peruse your blog, and found that you….whaaaaat????….used to vacation on Norderney?!?! My family did too! Pretty magical place, although it can be darn cold at times!!
    Well, I thought the fact that you even know about this obscure island…that’s pretty cool! 🙂
    Have a good one!!!


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