What’s on my wheel Wednesday

It’s an exciting time in my life at the moment, with lots of changes. My boyfriend is moving in in two days, I have handed in my notice at work, so hopefully stress will start getting a littltntne less now.

I am still spinning on my obscure family by Countess Ablaze. It was real fun, but because it’s so finely spun, it’s taking forever. At one point the single ripped and I couldn’t find the end on the bobbin for ages, so I am bound to hit a tangled mess somewhere half way through plying. I really do hope that I don’t have to cut it.


I am about a third through the 100g of fibre. Not too sure what I will make from the finished yarn but I think I might use it for a fair isle project, gloves or something.

Going to keep it short and sweet tonight, as we have spent all last night at hospital with my not so little one. He is a lot better now, so I am going to go for a soak in the bath and relax.


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