Today is the day I am going to get rid of this ugly thing!

It will get replaced with an air boot, and with a little luck, I will be rid of the crutches in a couple of weeks.

I hope that I will be allowed to take the boot off at night and maybe even start swimming. 

My achilles tendon still feels quite tight, but will buy some therabands and get the ankle moving asap. I am so tired of just sitting around doing bugger all. 

Fingers crossed, I so miss the gym.

Anything make you go “Yay!” recently? Let me know! It’s good to share good news!

Love, Mona xx


7 thoughts on “Yay! 

      • The good news is the plaster cast is off. That should make things a bit easier. It is difficult to be patient but it will be worth it in the end. 👍

        Sorry about the swimming. I understand. It seemed like forever before I was cleared to lift more than 10 lbs…9 weeks to be exact. There isn’t much you can lift with that kind of limitation. Thankfully, I had wonderful help! I was cleared to swim a month ago but I am waiting to see the surgeon one last time before I actually start swimming. I am a bit cautious…I’ve had complications before that resulted in another surgery.


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