Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans…

So yeah, my next post was meant to be a really happy one sharing some good news, but then I was told that I am being made redundant. 

I now have to find myself a new job and most likely move to a different city, as most jobs around here just don’t pay enough. 

I have applied all around the country in the hope to get a better paid job out of this than I am losing now. Otherwise it would mean a massive pay drop. 

I am still not walking too well, so all the running around after jobs is really hard work. But I am sure it will get better the more I walk. 

Ok, now for the good news…… I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!! 

After an initial little shock I am very happy for my eldest and his little family. In August little Jack will be born and I am already busy knitting baby things. I just hope that I have a job by then, so I can spoil him rotten 🙂 

Got a job interview tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for me guys. I really need some good vibes at the moment.

Love Mona x


Exiting Times – My Summer Goals

It’s been 5 weeks since my last Achilles tendon surgery and I have to say, I am very surprised with my progress. I was told I would be lucky to be back into a shoes after about two months, but since week 4 I can manage very short distances completely unaided, meaning, no aircast or crutches. Stairs are still a major pain in the backside, but I keep doing my stretches and hopefully that will work soon. I have called my surgeon and ask for my 8 week follow up appointment to be brought forward to this coming week, because I feel I am so ready for physio now and would like rid of the air cast at least intermittently. 

I am back at the gym, which has done wonders for my mental health. After so many weeks being stuck at home on my own, the cabin fever was kicking in big time. I still am very much relying on the aircast at the gym and the only cardio I can do is cycling and swimming with a float between my legs so I mostly do upper body work in the pool. But I am really motivated and feel like now is the right time to finally shift the remaining 60lbs. So watch this space guys, from now on, NO EXCUSES!

There is another very exciting thing happening on the 25th of April. I am finally getting my long awaited squint surgery! I have always had a bit of trouble with my left eye, especially when tired or run down, but due to so many other things being wrong with my eyes, no doctor would touch it.i have finally found someone who is willing to do it and I am so over the moon. It has always been a major dent in my confidence. It was bad enough being the fat girl, but the fat girl with a dodgy eye qas even a little much for me, who normally is very self-confident, to cope with and pretend it wouldn’t bother me. 

Over the next for months I am hoping to lose at least 40lbs and hopefully start running/jogging/waddling again 🙂 

I also want to increase my speed in the pool, but after the eye surgery there’s no swimming for 6 weeks so it will have to wait a little. I will just do what I can. 

Hopefully I will be confident enough by July to wear my first pair of shorts since I was about 10 lol

There is also some more big news, but I will tell you that in my next post. 

Finally, I would like to thank you all for the good wishes I have received over the last few months and the rips in killing time. They worked a treat, I watched a lot if TV lol and I did, this….

It’s by no means perfect, but I like it. 

Let me know what you think 🙂 

Love Mona x