Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans…

So yeah, my next post was meant to be a really happy one sharing some good news, but then I was told that I am being made redundant. 

I now have to find myself a new job and most likely move to a different city, as most jobs around here just don’t pay enough. 

I have applied all around the country in the hope to get a better paid job out of this than I am losing now. Otherwise it would mean a massive pay drop. 

I am still not walking too well, so all the running around after jobs is really hard work. But I am sure it will get better the more I walk. 

Ok, now for the good news…… I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!! 

After an initial little shock I am very happy for my eldest and his little family. In August little Jack will be born and I am already busy knitting baby things. I just hope that I have a job by then, so I can spoil him rotten 🙂 

Got a job interview tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for me guys. I really need some good vibes at the moment.

Love Mona x


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