Yes, I am still alive…

So, where were we? I can’t believe I have not posted for 5 months! Sorry guys, and thanks to everyone who is still there.

A lot has happened since I was made redundant. I am on my second job since then, but the last job change was definitely the best move I could have made. I am now officially the Account and Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the most awesome company. I am learning loads and people are acrually nice and happy at work, a concept that was pretty alien to me before. I am looking forward to going into work every day and they are super flexible when I need time off etc. 

But that’s not the only good news I have for you guys… my daughter moved out at the beginning of the month, because she started uni, and while that in itself isn’t good news (I am missing her so damn much), I am in the middle of converting her old room into an art studio! Finally I have my own space to be creative and make a mess, so the rest of the house stays sort of tidy. Only sort of, because I still do hate housework and if I can draw or knit instead, I will! 

My latest drawings have been somewhat on the go or just random scribbles, because time is very limited due to work and me spending more time with my youngest. It’s nice to see that we are getting even closer than we were before. 

Here, have a random egg 😉

And a random woman that I am working on right now. Practicing drawing from memory…it’s hard! You think you know what things look like, until you try drawing them. God, she has eyebrow issues!

I am even back onto my knitting again. I forgot how much it relaxes me. Currently working on a huge scarf. Pictures will follow when I am not on the bus writing a post!

There’s so much more good stuff I could tell you about, but I’ll save that for the next post, which will be all about the gym and…. wait for it….the new man in my life :-)))))

What’s new with you guys? Comment below and have a great day! Xx


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