What to do…

I have not posted here for a year. This had many reasons, but one of the main ones is: I have no idea what to do with it!

There are so many things that I am into at the moment, and that are happening in my life, I have no idea, if I should keep it all here, or if I should make a separate art and craft blog and a weightloss blog.

I really would like to get back to posting regularly, because I miss getting stuff out of my head into a post. My head is full of so many things, that it could really do with the relief.

So please, whoever is left of my followers (thank you for still being here btw) tell me what you would like to see:

A blog about me as a person with all of the things that are going on…

… or, shall I stick to just arts and crafts and make another blog for weightloss etc.?

Personally, I would like to do it all in one. Not because it’s easier, but because I want this blog to be about me as a person, not just a part of me.


9 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. I hear ya. I have also been thinking the same thing in regards to about my blog. I would like to get back into it but not sure if anyone would read it (or even care). I personally feel I get a similar feeling/release with Instagram. For now I am keeping my blog.

    To answer your question, I say all-in-one!

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    • People won’t read anything if you don’t write anything 😏. I like Instagram, but it somewhat limits my writing. I tend to keep it short and sweet.
      I’d love to see more of your blog posts 🙂


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