14 lbs lost and back to work tomorrow!

Ok, today is the last day of my 13 days off. I had so many things planned, but as always didn’t get a lot of them done. However, I did spend a lovely week with my boyfriend, which is so rare as he still lives two hours drive away and we don’t often get time off together. I was a little worried about how we will get on over such a long period, especially with the kids being off school, but we both had a great time together and it only strengthened our wish to move in together at the end of the year.

The good thing is, when he is about I go to the gym with more of a smile on my face as it is nice to have someone there who pushes you a little.
Well, all the gym going and healthy eating has paid off and I have finally lost my first 14lbs. I am so happy about it, I could grin in circles if I didn’t have ears. I am expecting to put a pound or two back on on my next weigh in, because this weekend has been a naughty one, with dominos pizza and sweets. Oh well, gym tomorrow will help control the damage.

Going back to work will be a struggle, because I always get bored when I am there and tend to eat a lot more than when I am home. On Monday I will buy lots of raw veg and fruit that I can take in and eat instead of chocolate. Fingers crossed  that I will be able to resist the lattes and biccies.

Might make a little tzatziki to take in with me to dip my vegetables in. If made it with low fat yoghurt I will be able to munch it without feeling guilty.

I am still on the lookout for a nice coleslaw recipe that is low cal. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share your snacks and recipes for your work nibbles and lunches.


Getting ready for low carb… Again!

A couple of years ago low carbing really worked for me. I lost about three stone in three months and I did feel great. For some strange reason since then several attempts to repeat this success have failed, because I just kept feeling dizzy and weak all the time when I reduced my carb intake, even though I don’t think I have changed anything about my approach.

Anyway, I have decided to try this again as I am getting kind of desperate when I think about my Weight/health. I am 40 in November and now have a rather active boyfriend who goes to the gym almost daily and eventually I would like to join him there.
I am not going to make a big deal out of doing this this time as I really don’t want to tell people that I failed yet again, so I am just going to share this with you guys and people who are really close to me.
Weekly weigh ins are not really my thing, because I weigh myself every morning anyway so I am just going to stick with that and let you know when I have lost something or not.
As for what I am eating, no idea yet as I am not really good with cooking anyhow, so I am most likely going to spend all week looking up recipes online. They have to be quick and cheap so I imagine this might be a bit of a challenge in itself.
For protein I will be using celebrity slim shakes as so far they are the tastiest I have had, but also I have a load of slim fast coming next week as it was on a Groupon for £19.99 for six tins.

I think I might do a little comparison, pros and cons about the both in the near future to see which works best for me.

However, right now I am now off to enjoy my last sandwich for quite some time.

Please feel free to leave comments as usual and I would really love to see some low carb snack suggestions too, because I seem to be buying the same stuff all the time.