What’s on my wheel Wednesday!

Yay, not written one of these in what seems A G E S!

So, today we have some sort if mystery fibre. I assume it’s BFL, as the staple is quite long and the fibre nice and soft.
It was sent to me by a lovely lady from the states as part of a fibre exchange.

Considering it was my first spin on the Woolmaker’s Bliss TT it is not too bad, but a little under plied.

I managed to get 523.20 meters from 111. But what am I going to make with it??


No idea what to spin next either got quite a bit of choice.


Trying to make the most of it

Now that I am concentrating on losing some weight, I find it hard to find time to do some crafty things.

I finally managed to finish my weaved scarf. This time it actually turned out to be a scarf and not some short piece of material like the first project I made.


I can’t wait for autumn to come for it to get cold. It feels so soft and squishy.

I also did start another seacoast jumper, however I think I will pull it back as I doubt it will fit me by autumn. So I am just sticking to scarves and other bits that are one size.


Here is my “English Weather” scarf. Grey with some bright spots. I am just using some left overs from the schoppelwolle reggae ombre and a random grey yarn. We had a four hour journey ahead of us so best time to get some knitting in as at work I just seem too busy.

So yeah, nowhere near enough time, but better some than none.


To say that it’s been a while would be the understatement of the year…

First of all, thank you to all of you who have stuck around 🙂 I really do appreciate it and was quite surprised.

So, where have I been hiding? Mainly at the gym and at work to be honest. I guess I went through quite a bit of a mental rough patch, so I needed to focus on something and not look sideways to see how upset I was with life. Well, it seems to have worked and I seem to have come out of it better and stronger than ever.
I now have lost 21 lbs since January and work is going really well too.
Sadly, in my stupid phase, I did something really, really stupid…  I Sold my spinning wheels 😦
But don’t worry, what’s on my wheel Wednesday will return next month once I have a new wheel.
Maybe in the meantime you guys can give me some advice on a new wheel?

I definitely want a castle style wheel again, like my Minstrel, but I found the Minstrel a little loud at times.
At the moment I have my eye on the  Woolmaker’s Bliss or I am thinking about a Schacht wheel, either the Ladybug or the Sidekick. Of course there are huge price differences so I am looking online for a bargain. Hehehe, so if you come across one let me know.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try and update you, in the next few days,on the very little knitting I have been doing over the last few months. And maybe I can finally manage to get that post out about the last yarn I have spun.

Also, I am looking for a name for my new instagram account… Any suggestions?

Productivity at last!

I have finally actually finished something, yay!

May I present, my Seacoast jumper.


The lighting is a bit rubbish in this, sorry.

I am so in love with this jumper it’s unreal. I can really recommend it for women who wear larger sizes as it sits nicely and the neckline is very slimming.


Excuse the bad pics, but until I have lost some more weight there won’t be any pics of me stood up lol

It was very quick and easy and most of all a fun knit. Might make another one.


New Projects, new job…Oh and It’s Christmas soon!

The last few weeks have been so busy and very exciting!

I am liking my new job. It’s nowhere near as stressful as the old one and people actually treat you like a human being. Also, my boyfriend can take me there and pick me up at night, which means nomore bus rides, yay! Just think, all the money that I save could potentially go towards yarn and fibre!

But no, I need to save money for other things like a holiday and stuff. I would love to go and see my cousins in the states next year, because I have not seen them since I was a teen.

I have also started going back to the gym. It’s really hard work since I have started the new job as I am a bit short on motivation after a day at work, but I guess it’s got to be done if I don’t want to look like a blob for the rest of my life.
I have actually booked a personal training session in an hour, just so I have a little bit more motivation for the next few months.

Craftwise I am kind of just pottering about. I have cast off the Tubuĺarity scarf, which just need buttons and ends weaving in, but I am not too sure if I like the end result. I’ll see once it’s been washed and blocked.

The seacoast jumper is almost done too, just starting the last sleeve today and I am already loving it. It fits really good and will look great with a skirt and a nice scarf or Shawl.  Photos to follow.

I am also working on a new little blanket using the double knitting technique. I have not done much because it takes forever for a row and the balls of yarn are massive so it’s not an on the go project.

Then I need to make a quick hat and scarf for myself because it’s really getting nippy out there

Right, got to get up and get some weetabix down me before the gym. Wish me luck 🙂

What’s on my wheel Wednesday!

Yes, and it’s even on a Wednesday! Regardless of the quality of this post, I think actually posting this on the correct day is an achievement in itself.

I am writing this on the way to work from the back seat of a taxi and will most likely finish the post tonight on the way home.

After finally finishing the blue mystery fiber, I was going to spin the plain Polwarth fleece I bought at the Wool Weekend, but seriously peeps, who wants to spin boring white if you can spin THIS?!


Countessablaze - an obscure family

100g of gorgeousness!


Here you can see what’s in it. Focus on the label and not the mess in the background! Yes, I am posting while I am lying in bed. It’s been a super long day.

Anyway, this stuff is gorgeous and I am planning to use it for my next blog post, as I am thinking of starting to do a few tutorials about how I do stuff.

So, I have started spinning this loveliness and for me, with something that has been blended quite a bit there are only two ways of spinning it. Go large and chunky, so all the bold colours are nicely visible or, go super lacey! You are allowed one guess which way I chose!


Superfine it is! All in one and then Navajo ply to show the colour changes and add some weight.


This stuff is just so shiny and sparkling and as always, so we’ll carded that it is a dream to work with. I’ll be buying plenty more from this gifted Indie Dyer.

Anyway, it’s almost 11pm and I have been up since 5.30. Bed time!

Have a creative week! Until next time!

Moni x

A Sunday round up

As there was no What’s on my wheel Wednesday this week and I have generally been slacking in the ole posting department, I have decided to do a bit of a round up of all the crafty things I have on the go at the moment.


Talk about posting on the go, hahaha waiting for my cab home. Yes I know, the view is quite something, isn’t it?

So, what did I actually get done in the last few days? Not a lot I tell you.


I finally finished these two lovelies; however I don’t think I have done a fantastic job plying them on the luet.


Sorry for the terrible photo

There are a few patches where I have under plied, so I am not too sure if I will run it through once more just to catch those bits.

Now my Tubuĺarity scarf has grown quite a bit over the last two weeks, and that is simply because I am taking the bus to work again 🙂 two more colour changes and it will be finished. I can’t wait, but not looking forward to weaving in all the ends.


I am sorry, but I am already in bed lol at 8pm! So no time to try and go for arty, pretty shots.
This scarf is going to be super warm, because it’s knitted in the round. I don’t think I will have enough yarn to knit some gloves to go with it, which is a shame. I think I will be needing gloves a lot this winter as my Raynaud’s Syndrome is already kicking off. Need more warm socks too, so best get knitting.

I don’t know what it is, but I have the urge to knit a blanket. I have three massive balls of aran yarn that I need ro use, so I am thinking a tri coloured blanket. I think I might just spend the rest of my evening on Ravelry browsing patterns.

I will let you know if I find something. Alternatively, if you cone across a nice pattern for a blanket in three colours, please let me know 🙂

UFOs everywhere!

Hi everyone!

I am blogging while on the go again, so please excuse any typos that will get fixed when I have a quiet minute.

Things have been rather hectic lately, to say the least. I am still searching for the perfect job, the other half just found a new job (big cheer!), kids are being kids by keeping me busy with their little disasters.

Have I got a lot done lately? You can have three guesses, but I don’t think you will need them all.
The answer is, not really. I have not spun an inch for over a week, I have knitted a few rows here and there, but I am not very enthusiastic about it, because it’s all done in a rush.


This is my seacoast jumper, well, jumper to be. The endless rows of stocking stitch are not exactly thrilling, but I’m slowly plodding from decreases to increases. Hopefully the sleeves are going to be done quickly.


As you can see, the Tubuĺarity scarf is coming on well, but somehow I have lost my mojo with it all. I just don’t have the time or the patience at the moment.

There are a couple of other UFOs I have flying about the house, such as my wallpapering, my forever untidy bedroom and some lacy jacket I started but never really got into. Too much counting for knitting on the go.
All that I seem to be able to think about is getting out of the job I am currently in and finding something where hard work is actually appreciated and that allows me to pay my bills and have some money left at the end of the month.
I don’t like the fact that I actually count down the days until the weekend.
Don’t get me wrong, I love customer service work and I used to like working where I am, until recently.

Oh well, I guess I just need to stop whining and stay focused on finding something new. Haha the massive typo in my cover letter really didn’t help with that today. Of course I only noticed that after I sent it… Lesson learned, don’t apply for jobs while on a call.

Have a nice and productive rest of the week everyone 🙂

What’s on my wheel Wednes…. Ermmmm Thursday AGAIN!

Oooppps, I did it again! I will have to start thinking of a catchy Thursday title so I can do this on a Thursday without looking silly.

Aaaaaaanywaaaay, on my wheel this Wednesday/Thursday is still the blue mystery fiber, just a little more of it.


I am liking how this is turning out. I am slowly getting the hang of spinning a little thicker singles.
Because I am not quite sure how much of the blue fibre I actually have, yes I know weighing it is a really good idea, I am just going to fill this bobbin, then start the other and if I fill this one too then I just ply them together. If I can’t fill another I’ll just Navajo ply it, saves messing around with trying to get the same amount on both bobbins.

Now, the Minstrel is not the only wheel I have. Recently I have bought a second hand Louet S10, but the treadle to footman connection broke on me. Oh, my, what a nightmare to find a replacement! Finally gave in and ordered one from the states.


Now that it’s all fixed I can carry on with the fleece that I got given with it.


It’s nowhere near as tidy as my other yarns, but it’s supposed to be like that, because I want to crochet something with it and then felt it.

I have never felted anything successfully. Well, not with intention anyway, hahaha. I shall not start talking about my first dying attempts or my nice knitted waistcoat that accidentally ended up in the wash and then turned hippy crop top…

So yes, keep and eye out for my felting attempts if you fancy a bit of a giggle.

If you have any hints and tricks up your sleeve how you felt your knitted or crocheted items, please please let me know 🙂

Anyway, I am off to get some food and then do some more spinning so hopefully by next Wednesday, who am I kidding, next Thursday, I have something new to show you.

It appears that I have found my happy place!

I have always liked the sea. When I was little, my mum sent me to Norderney , a small island in the North Sea just off the German coast. I think that’s when my love for the sea its beaches began. I just was in total awe of the size of it and how at peace it made me feel just when I sat there and looked out to it.

Over the years, I have always made sure that at least once in a blue moon I got my fix of peacefulness, but I don’t think I have ever appreciated it as much as I do now.

In the last week I was lucky enough to visit the seaside twice. My boyfriend has had two interviews for a job in Blackpool and each time he took me along and dropped me off at the promenade, where I then walked to my favourite Chippy, bought a burger and a bottle of Coke, and then walked to the beach.


One day the tide was out and it was nice to people watch and listen to some music while I knitted on, what appears to be, my never ending Tubuĺarity Shawl .


As you can see, it’s growing nicely, but nowhere near as fast as I would like. It currently measures 90cm so I have another 25cm to go. I think that’s roughly about 10 inches, if you’re more used to imperial measurements.

I had quite an audience while sitting there, but this little fella here was my favourite. It was almost as he was posing for the camera and he came really close, probably wanting a nice chunk of my burger, but wasn’t loud and annoying like the rest of his many mates.



The first day I went to Blackpool Beach was for knitting too, but a fantastic day for taking pics.





I love the sea when it’s windy and the waves are crashing in. Makes you feel alive and it’s so relaxing just to sit there and watch it. To me these two hours where the most relaxing ones I had all year. It’s kind of like doing a factory reset to your mind, no more stress to clog up your mind and ready to take on the rest of the world again.

This will definitely be on my to do list once a month from now on.