Exiting Times – My Summer Goals

It’s been 5 weeks since my last Achilles tendon surgery and I have to say, I am very surprised with my progress. I was told I would be lucky to be back into a shoes after about two months, but since week 4 I can manage very short distances completely unaided, meaning, no aircast or crutches. Stairs are still a major pain in the backside, but I keep doing my stretches and hopefully that will work soon. I have called my surgeon and ask for my 8 week follow up appointment to be brought forward to this coming week, because I feel I am so ready for physio now and would like rid of the air cast at least intermittently. 

I am back at the gym, which has done wonders for my mental health. After so many weeks being stuck at home on my own, the cabin fever was kicking in big time. I still am very much relying on the aircast at the gym and the only cardio I can do is cycling and swimming with a float between my legs so I mostly do upper body work in the pool. But I am really motivated and feel like now is the right time to finally shift the remaining 60lbs. So watch this space guys, from now on, NO EXCUSES!

There is another very exciting thing happening on the 25th of April. I am finally getting my long awaited squint surgery! I have always had a bit of trouble with my left eye, especially when tired or run down, but due to so many other things being wrong with my eyes, no doctor would touch it.i have finally found someone who is willing to do it and I am so over the moon. It has always been a major dent in my confidence. It was bad enough being the fat girl, but the fat girl with a dodgy eye qas even a little much for me, who normally is very self-confident, to cope with and pretend it wouldn’t bother me. 

Over the next for months I am hoping to lose at least 40lbs and hopefully start running/jogging/waddling again 🙂 

I also want to increase my speed in the pool, but after the eye surgery there’s no swimming for 6 weeks so it will have to wait a little. I will just do what I can. 

Hopefully I will be confident enough by July to wear my first pair of shorts since I was about 10 lol

There is also some more big news, but I will tell you that in my next post. 

Finally, I would like to thank you all for the good wishes I have received over the last few months and the rips in killing time. They worked a treat, I watched a lot if TV lol and I did, this….

It’s by no means perfect, but I like it. 

Let me know what you think 🙂 

Love Mona x 



Today is the day I am going to get rid of this ugly thing!

It will get replaced with an air boot, and with a little luck, I will be rid of the crutches in a couple of weeks.

I hope that I will be allowed to take the boot off at night and maybe even start swimming. 

My achilles tendon still feels quite tight, but will buy some therabands and get the ankle moving asap. I am so tired of just sitting around doing bugger all. 

Fingers crossed, I so miss the gym.

Anything make you go “Yay!” recently? Let me know! It’s good to share good news!

Love, Mona xx

Cut the cord – My 61lbs weight loss so far 

​I have always been a big girl and an even bigger comfort eater. Over the last ten years the weight just seriously kept creeping up and up and suddenly I found myself at 280lbs. 

It was a picture of me and my, now ex, boyfriend at the time (cutting the cord in more than just one way lol), which triggered my first small attempts at losing weight. He was a 6ft4 athletic guy and then there was me stood next to him 5ft7, and just looking massive.  I stared at the picture as we sat in the car and started crying. 

Me at 280lbs.
It was then that I decided to do something about it, so I started going to the gym and had a half hearted stab at eating better. I say half hearted in hindsight, as back then it was a case of eating well for most of the week and then pretty much spoiling my efforts by pulling into McDonald’s at the weekends.

Over the next few months I did lose a bit of weight, maybe 10lbs, but then me and my boyfriend split up and I went through a short phase of not caring.

At the new year I made the usual resolutions, but not changing much, until that one night I went to a gig of one of my favourite bands, Shinedown. I wanted pictures of me there, but the memory of the last picture of me still stung badly.

Then they played the song that pretty much changed it all. 
Cut the cord – By Shinedown 

And then I knew that it was exactly what I needed to do, cut the cord. Stop making my life and happiness revolve around food and people who don’t appreciate who I am and what I am about, and therefore drag me down. 
I started to eat low carb again for about 80% of the time, because hey, I love food and there was no way I would go without certain things. I can easily skip bread, rice and pasta these days, but potatoes, I love potatoes! So maybe once a month I’d have those or I’d have the odd pizza. On those days I just do some extra cardio at the gym to level it out or I simply accepted the tiny bit of weight gain and got on with it. But it wasn’t really down to the diet change that made all the difference, it was the change in my head, that little switch that got flicked that let me know, yes, I can do this and I will do this! Once that thought was in place it was all so much easier.

And here I am, nine months down the line…

Not too sure if this was January or earlier, but yeah you get the idea.

I still have a long way to go, but things are definitely going in the right direction.

Cheekbones 🙂 

I think my mental transformation still needs a lot of work, because I still catch myself now and then wasting energy on people who really don’t deserve it, but I am definitely setting more goals for myself and for most of the time really don’t care what other people think of how I live my life, because it’s my life and it’s a good one!


To say that it’s been a while would be the understatement of the year…

First of all, thank you to all of you who have stuck around 🙂 I really do appreciate it and was quite surprised.

So, where have I been hiding? Mainly at the gym and at work to be honest. I guess I went through quite a bit of a mental rough patch, so I needed to focus on something and not look sideways to see how upset I was with life. Well, it seems to have worked and I seem to have come out of it better and stronger than ever.
I now have lost 21 lbs since January and work is going really well too.
Sadly, in my stupid phase, I did something really, really stupid…  I Sold my spinning wheels 😦
But don’t worry, what’s on my wheel Wednesday will return next month once I have a new wheel.
Maybe in the meantime you guys can give me some advice on a new wheel?

I definitely want a castle style wheel again, like my Minstrel, but I found the Minstrel a little loud at times.
At the moment I have my eye on the  Woolmaker’s Bliss or I am thinking about a Schacht wheel, either the Ladybug or the Sidekick. Of course there are huge price differences so I am looking online for a bargain. Hehehe, so if you come across one let me know.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try and update you, in the next few days,on the very little knitting I have been doing over the last few months. And maybe I can finally manage to get that post out about the last yarn I have spun.

Also, I am looking for a name for my new instagram account… Any suggestions?

My first session with a personal trainer and I live to tell the tale!

I have really been slacking with the blog and even more with going to the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym, but I hate going/getting there. I don’t know what it is, every time I almost have to give myself a ten minute inaudible prep talk just to get my lazy butt into gear. Once I am there, I am loving the challenge and do try and push myself really hard.

I think I have been getting a little lost lately as to what to do and how to get myself motivated. This is the reason why I am hiring Dave, my trainer.

Since I am constantly skint I was glad that I got three free lessons, or sessions? Well, I have learned a lot today so to me it was a lesson.

I have been on beta blockers for over ten years and since coming off them a couple of years back I have always got anxious about getting my heart to pound good and proper, because it felt uncomfortable and just not right, if that made sense. After half an hour on the cross trainer doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) my heart was well and truly pounding, but knowing that I had a professional there who knows what he is doing took that fear away and he also told me that once you hit a certain level it’s ok to feel that way and that it feels uncomfortable to everyone.

After that he made me do a few weights and then he advised me on where I could get my training plan that he will draw up for me.

As I have already said, I am constantly skint so we will meet once a month to review and crank it up a gear.

I really do hope that this will motivate me a little more, to go to the gym and to eat a little better.

We shall see…

New Projects, new job…Oh and It’s Christmas soon!

The last few weeks have been so busy and very exciting!

I am liking my new job. It’s nowhere near as stressful as the old one and people actually treat you like a human being. Also, my boyfriend can take me there and pick me up at night, which means nomore bus rides, yay! Just think, all the money that I save could potentially go towards yarn and fibre!

But no, I need to save money for other things like a holiday and stuff. I would love to go and see my cousins in the states next year, because I have not seen them since I was a teen.

I have also started going back to the gym. It’s really hard work since I have started the new job as I am a bit short on motivation after a day at work, but I guess it’s got to be done if I don’t want to look like a blob for the rest of my life.
I have actually booked a personal training session in an hour, just so I have a little bit more motivation for the next few months.

Craftwise I am kind of just pottering about. I have cast off the Tubuĺarity scarf, which just need buttons and ends weaving in, but I am not too sure if I like the end result. I’ll see once it’s been washed and blocked.

The seacoast jumper is almost done too, just starting the last sleeve today and I am already loving it. It fits really good and will look great with a skirt and a nice scarf or Shawl.  Photos to follow.

I am also working on a new little blanket using the double knitting technique. I have not done much because it takes forever for a row and the balls of yarn are massive so it’s not an on the go project.

Then I need to make a quick hat and scarf for myself because it’s really getting nippy out there

Right, got to get up and get some weetabix down me before the gym. Wish me luck 🙂

I don’t care what’s on my wheel this Wednesday!

After reading the news and seeing the pictures of the little dead Syrian boy who was washed up on a Turkish beach today, I really don’t care about what is on my wheel.

If you have not seen the article then you can read it by clicking here,  but please be aware this is really upsetting stuff.

This poor little boy must have been so scared. How desperate must these people be to risk a terrible death themselves or of their loved ones? I am sure if his parents have made it across, they must be utterly heart broken. It must be terrible to lose a child under any circumstances, but knowing that your child died like this when all you wanted to do was get them to safety, must be terrible.

Overall, just this summer alone, 2500 people have died terrible deaths trying to get themselves and their loved ones to safety. I am saying people on purpose, because in the media and to many people they are “just” migrants or refugees, and they seem to forget the fact that these are people, people who are so terrified, that they are willing to risk paying the ultimate price in order to get to safety.

If the pictures in the media have moved you like they did me and you are wondering how you can help. Check out this article in today’s Independent .
There are several suggestions on how you can make a difference.

For all my crafty friends on here please take a look at Lily on Facebook. Lily stands for: love in the language of yarn, and the charity focuses heavily on helping Syrian refugees and orphans.

If you know of any additional ways to support these people, please feel free to share by leaving a comment.

Even the smallest gesture can have a big impact, if we all just help in whatever way we can.

If you are unable to help for whatever reason, you can help by sharing the link to the article in the Independent and the link for Lily on your social media sites.

Fed up, annoyed and generally meh!

Just need to rant a little I guess. I have been doing so well with the whole gym and weight loss thing and for the last two weeks I have not been feeling too great, couldn’t really put my finger on it for a week, but then it was quite obvious that I had an ear infection.

I went to the gym a couple of times, but didn’t really do much as I felt sick all the time I was on the elliptical.
Then by last week Sunday it got quite painful, but as me, my son and my boyfriend were due to drive to Edinburgh last Monday, to see my favourite band, I put it off to go to the doctors. Well, it’s niw Friday and you know what it’s like, you get busy and put things off for even longer, until today.

Finally went to the doctors, who took a look into both ears and just shook her head. Both sides are very red and inflamed, so no gym for another week and a load of amoxicillin.

So frustrated right now, because I should have gone when I first noticed it. Now by the time I get back to the gym, it will be very hard work to get back into it.

Lol sorry, I know I sound like a little kid who just dropped their ice cream… I am going to go and sulk with my knitting I think.


It’s not been a great couple of weeks for me in terms of weightloss or fitness.
Not been feeling too well due to “girlie problems” (Yes, that’s what I called it at work when I called in sick lol. Funnily enough, my manager didnt ask for more information hehe).
I have been so hormonal over the last few weeks, constantly craving carbs of the bad, the very bad kind, and constantly either angry or close to tears.
At least I have “only” put 2 lbs back on, because I did try to at least making it to the gym three times a week for a little cardio. It is a little miracle that I have not put on more. For example, my breakfast yesterday
morning consisted of one croissant and a cinnamon bun, which both were washed down with fat coke!

I seriously need to get a grip of things again. Will start with a massive gym session this evening and will have to try and wean myself off all that sugar again :-(…  Bad times in Moni world.

14 lbs lost and back to work tomorrow!

Ok, today is the last day of my 13 days off. I had so many things planned, but as always didn’t get a lot of them done. However, I did spend a lovely week with my boyfriend, which is so rare as he still lives two hours drive away and we don’t often get time off together. I was a little worried about how we will get on over such a long period, especially with the kids being off school, but we both had a great time together and it only strengthened our wish to move in together at the end of the year.

The good thing is, when he is about I go to the gym with more of a smile on my face as it is nice to have someone there who pushes you a little.
Well, all the gym going and healthy eating has paid off and I have finally lost my first 14lbs. I am so happy about it, I could grin in circles if I didn’t have ears. I am expecting to put a pound or two back on on my next weigh in, because this weekend has been a naughty one, with dominos pizza and sweets. Oh well, gym tomorrow will help control the damage.

Going back to work will be a struggle, because I always get bored when I am there and tend to eat a lot more than when I am home. On Monday I will buy lots of raw veg and fruit that I can take in and eat instead of chocolate. Fingers crossed  that I will be able to resist the lattes and biccies.

Might make a little tzatziki to take in with me to dip my vegetables in. If made it with low fat yoghurt I will be able to munch it without feeling guilty.

I am still on the lookout for a nice coleslaw recipe that is low cal. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share your snacks and recipes for your work nibbles and lunches.