Yes, I am still alive!

Yes, I know I have done it again! Life just has the horrible habit of happening. I am sorry! No, I seriously am. And even more grateful that you are all still around. 

The last few months have been challenging, to say the least. I was not really myself for a very long time, come to think of it. I used to be the most creative and knowledge thirsty person ever and all that slowly disappeared over the last couple of years. Amazing, what hanging with the wrong people can do to you.

Luckily, this issue has now been rectified and I am back hanging with the people who bring out the best in me. 

However, a few things have changed in the Renton residence. There is nomore spinning wheel. I sold it to fund my trip to the states and to be honest, I don’t think I was too good at spinning anyway. I am still knitting and crocheting like a mad woman so don’t worry, this will not be a complete topic change on the blog, but I do want to make a few changes. 

First of all, I have two brand spanking new hobbies. I know am learning how to sew and I have discovered that my drawing skills are not as bad as I thought they were,  so I will be adding a sewing and a drawing category in place for a spinning one. 

Secondly, I have lost a bit of weight. Ok, I have lost quite a bit of weight, 4 stone to be exact. For my American friends, that’s 61.7 lbs or 28 kg. 

So, I would like to write more about healthy eating and the odd workout or reviews, what do you guys think about that? Is it something you would be interested in or should I keep it in a separate blog? Let me know 🙂


What’s on my wheel Wednesday!

Yay, not written one of these in what seems A G E S!

So, today we have some sort if mystery fibre. I assume it’s BFL, as the staple is quite long and the fibre nice and soft.
It was sent to me by a lovely lady from the states as part of a fibre exchange.

Considering it was my first spin on the Woolmaker’s Bliss TT it is not too bad, but a little under plied.

I managed to get 523.20 meters from 111. But what am I going to make with it??


No idea what to spin next either got quite a bit of choice.

Ok, so I have a new wheel…

It’s a Woolmakers Bliss TT and it is lovely!


Sorry for the lousy screen shot, but it’s all I could find just now.

Anyway, she spinning lovely and, most importantly, quietly. It has four different ratios and scotch tension. The break is very sensitive but after a while, like about ten minutes, you get the hang of it if you are an experienced spinner. For newbies maybe a little longer, but don’t let that put you off this little beauty.

I do love the modern look of this wheel and it was put together very quickly.
The best thing was that I ordered with the extra bobbins so I now have an inbuilt lazy kate for FIVE bobbins on the wheel! The flyer comes off easily for a quick bobbin change and the wheel is practically no maintenance, other than a bit of a dust now and then.
To cut the long story short, I love my Woolmakers Bliss TT 🙂 and here is my first bobbin is have filled. By the way, if you spin nice and neatly you can fit about 150g on the bobbins, which makes them awesome for plying.


Trying to make the most of it

Now that I am concentrating on losing some weight, I find it hard to find time to do some crafty things.

I finally managed to finish my weaved scarf. This time it actually turned out to be a scarf and not some short piece of material like the first project I made.


I can’t wait for autumn to come for it to get cold. It feels so soft and squishy.

I also did start another seacoast jumper, however I think I will pull it back as I doubt it will fit me by autumn. So I am just sticking to scarves and other bits that are one size.


Here is my “English Weather” scarf. Grey with some bright spots. I am just using some left overs from the schoppelwolle reggae ombre and a random grey yarn. We had a four hour journey ahead of us so best time to get some knitting in as at work I just seem too busy.

So yeah, nowhere near enough time, but better some than none.


To say that it’s been a while would be the understatement of the year…

First of all, thank you to all of you who have stuck around 🙂 I really do appreciate it and was quite surprised.

So, where have I been hiding? Mainly at the gym and at work to be honest. I guess I went through quite a bit of a mental rough patch, so I needed to focus on something and not look sideways to see how upset I was with life. Well, it seems to have worked and I seem to have come out of it better and stronger than ever.
I now have lost 21 lbs since January and work is going really well too.
Sadly, in my stupid phase, I did something really, really stupid…  I Sold my spinning wheels 😦
But don’t worry, what’s on my wheel Wednesday will return next month once I have a new wheel.
Maybe in the meantime you guys can give me some advice on a new wheel?

I definitely want a castle style wheel again, like my Minstrel, but I found the Minstrel a little loud at times.
At the moment I have my eye on the  Woolmaker’s Bliss or I am thinking about a Schacht wheel, either the Ladybug or the Sidekick. Of course there are huge price differences so I am looking online for a bargain. Hehehe, so if you come across one let me know.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try and update you, in the next few days,on the very little knitting I have been doing over the last few months. And maybe I can finally manage to get that post out about the last yarn I have spun.

Also, I am looking for a name for my new instagram account… Any suggestions?

A slightly different Christmas

As per usual, I started writing a post and didn’t get round to finishing it for days. It’s been a very relaxing day with the kids sat in the livingroom eating, drinking playing games and just general chilling out. It has been a more than eventful year for us. Boyfriend moving in, new jobs, boyfriend moving back out again… It’s ok though, we just don’t seem to be able to live together 🙂 maybe we will try that again at some point further down the line.

So, how was Christmas apart from that? Different !

A few weeks back I went to hobby craft, a big craft supply retailer in the UK, and I bought some Christmas supply for all the projects I had in mind. We came home and I put the shopping away until I had the time to actually do some crafts. Well, the date came and guess who couldn’t fine that silly bag of craft supplies?! The kids and I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. I was absolutely gutted, because I did spend quite a bit of money on the things and I wanted to make ornaments for the tree :-(.

The tree… Oh yes, the tree, another little funny Christmas antic! For the last ten years of living in the UK we have always had an artificial tree. Simply because without a car, as I don’t drive, it was hard to get a real one. This year however, I was finally in the position to get a real tree, but I was debating whether to go for it or not because in the end, buying a nice, a bit more pricey fake tree would last me a good few years. So the other half took me shopping for threes I looked everywhere for a nice fake one, but just wasn’t happy. Then outside of our local supermarket there it was, my tree, a real one and the most beautiful thing ever. Quite tall, but so full and nicely shaped, I had to have it. The other half isn’t a fan of real trees, so out came the puppy dog eyes and the “Oh babe it’s SO pretty!” and when the guy who sold them offered free delivery the deal was done. Oh I was so happy! Until it got here hahaha. It was delivered and well, let say my eyes were bigger than my living room. This thing was HUGE!
It took quite a bit of a joint effort to put it up and I did have to trim a bit from the back to make it fit in the room lol not to mention the furniture I had to move around hahaha, the kids were giggling about me and the tree, and I was ever so slightly cursing myself for wanting a really tree in the first place, but in the end, it was so worth the hassle as we have a gorgeous tree.


Shame though that we didn’t manage to get the ornaments made, I thought. So a day before Christmas in a desperate attempt me and the kids looked once more for the “bag”.

There I was retracing my steps from when I went shopping for them. ” I came in the house and sat in the sofa, unpacked everything and looked at the craft supplies and then… What did I do with them then?” Then all of a sudden my little one, I say little one, he is 13 in two months, jumped up and shouted:” Ha, l know, I know!“, then walks to the side of the couch and picks up the box for the new shoes I bought on the same day. He opens the box and, TADAA! My crafty things!
Needless to say, we didn’t end up using them as I didn’t have the time so shortly before Christmas. So stay tuned for some out of season Christmas ornament post haha. I need to use the air dry clay soon before it dries.

Christmas itself was, good. I didn’t make a mess of dinner, which was a nice change. It was different from the nice family event I had wished for as the other half went to his mums, but he was here boxing day, which was lovely. Now that we have put a bit if space between us, we get on so much better again. I guess after being the boss in my house for 17 years it is very difficult to share again. I am just glad that we managed to pull our relationship around again and not break up for good, because after all we do love eachother like crazy.

Despite everything going different from how I wanted it, it’s been a good Christmas. The kids were happy with their presents and the other half has outdone himself yet again by giving me a 32 inch Ashford rigid heddle loom and this little beauty!


A yarn bowl from Little Wren Pottery! I can’t wait to use it!

So get yourself prepared for my newest weaving adventures in the next few months!

I hope that all you guys had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a happy New Year!  Thank you for sticking around and your lovely comments, which are always very much appreciated.

Productivity at last!

I have finally actually finished something, yay!

May I present, my Seacoast jumper.


The lighting is a bit rubbish in this, sorry.

I am so in love with this jumper it’s unreal. I can really recommend it for women who wear larger sizes as it sits nicely and the neckline is very slimming.


Excuse the bad pics, but until I have lost some more weight there won’t be any pics of me stood up lol

It was very quick and easy and most of all a fun knit. Might make another one.


My first session with a personal trainer and I live to tell the tale!

I have really been slacking with the blog and even more with going to the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym, but I hate going/getting there. I don’t know what it is, every time I almost have to give myself a ten minute inaudible prep talk just to get my lazy butt into gear. Once I am there, I am loving the challenge and do try and push myself really hard.

I think I have been getting a little lost lately as to what to do and how to get myself motivated. This is the reason why I am hiring Dave, my trainer.

Since I am constantly skint I was glad that I got three free lessons, or sessions? Well, I have learned a lot today so to me it was a lesson.

I have been on beta blockers for over ten years and since coming off them a couple of years back I have always got anxious about getting my heart to pound good and proper, because it felt uncomfortable and just not right, if that made sense. After half an hour on the cross trainer doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) my heart was well and truly pounding, but knowing that I had a professional there who knows what he is doing took that fear away and he also told me that once you hit a certain level it’s ok to feel that way and that it feels uncomfortable to everyone.

After that he made me do a few weights and then he advised me on where I could get my training plan that he will draw up for me.

As I have already said, I am constantly skint so we will meet once a month to review and crank it up a gear.

I really do hope that this will motivate me a little more, to go to the gym and to eat a little better.

We shall see…

New Projects, new job…Oh and It’s Christmas soon!

The last few weeks have been so busy and very exciting!

I am liking my new job. It’s nowhere near as stressful as the old one and people actually treat you like a human being. Also, my boyfriend can take me there and pick me up at night, which means nomore bus rides, yay! Just think, all the money that I save could potentially go towards yarn and fibre!

But no, I need to save money for other things like a holiday and stuff. I would love to go and see my cousins in the states next year, because I have not seen them since I was a teen.

I have also started going back to the gym. It’s really hard work since I have started the new job as I am a bit short on motivation after a day at work, but I guess it’s got to be done if I don’t want to look like a blob for the rest of my life.
I have actually booked a personal training session in an hour, just so I have a little bit more motivation for the next few months.

Craftwise I am kind of just pottering about. I have cast off the Tubuĺarity scarf, which just need buttons and ends weaving in, but I am not too sure if I like the end result. I’ll see once it’s been washed and blocked.

The seacoast jumper is almost done too, just starting the last sleeve today and I am already loving it. It fits really good and will look great with a skirt and a nice scarf or Shawl.  Photos to follow.

I am also working on a new little blanket using the double knitting technique. I have not done much because it takes forever for a row and the balls of yarn are massive so it’s not an on the go project.

Then I need to make a quick hat and scarf for myself because it’s really getting nippy out there

Right, got to get up and get some weetabix down me before the gym. Wish me luck 🙂

Changes and Surprises

Yesterday was my final day at work and on Monday I am starting my new job. This, coupled with my boyfriend moving in is a heck of a lot of changes in a very short space of time. I don’t deal too well with change, so I am quite glad to now have three days to gather my thoughts before starting my new job.

It’s funny. I didn’t expect to find it so difficult to leave work yesterday. Although I really didn’t enjoy working there anymore, I did grow quite fond of some of the people there. I just wanted to make a quiet exit, but after my last break everyone got together and gave me a card and a £25 Amazon voucher. I thought that was quite nice of them as things at work have been pretty busy for everyone and I seriously didn’t expect to get anything.

So, I shall be looking on Amazon in a bit to see what crafty goodness that voucher will buy me. A Turkish spindle maybe or some wool dyes? No idea, but I will keep you guys posted.

Also, sorry that there was no What’s on my wheel Wednesday this week, but it’s just been too busy to spin anything this week. Will try and do some this weekend.